USA Virgin Islands

USA Virgin Islands flag

The flag of the USA Virgin Islands is set on a white field and features an eagle holding a laurel (representing victory) in one talon and three blue arrows (representing the three major islands of the USA Virgin Islands) in the other talon. The letter 'V' sits on the left of the eagle and the letter 'I' sits on the right of the eagle, standing for 'Virgin Islands'. At the centre of the eagle is a version of the USA coat of arms. The flag of the USA Virgin Islands was officially adopted on 17 May 1921. The flag's ratio is 2:3.

USA Virgin Islands flag 150x90cm
Dimensions for flag 1500x900mm
USA Virgin Islands 150x90cm polyester flag with double stitched hems, the hoist edge has two eyelets.
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USA Virgin Islands bunting 30 flags 23x15cm
Dimensions for bunting 30 flags 230x150mm
USA Virgin Islands bunting has 30 small polyester flags, each flag measuring 23x15cm and spaced 10cm apart sewn into a header tape to make a string of flags, 80cm of extra tape at each end for fixing. The edges of the flags are hot knife cut.
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