Ohio flag

The flag of Ohio is a triangular swallowtail flag. The flag of Ohio was designed in 1901 by John Eisenmann and was officially adopted as the state's flag on 9 May 1902. The flag is defined by the Ohio Revised Code as follows:

The flag of the state shall be burgee-shaped. It shall have three red and two white horizontal stripes that represent the roads and waterways of the state. The union of the flag shall be seventeen five-pointed stars, white in a blue triangular field that represents the state's hills and valleys, the base of which shall be the staff end or vertical edge of the flag, and the apex of which shall be the center of the middle red stripe. The stars shall be grouped around a red disc superimposed upon a white circular "O." The thirteen stars grouped around the "O" represent the original states of the United States and the four stars added to the peak of the triangle symbolize that Ohio was the seventeenth state admitted to the union. The "O" represents the "O" in "Ohio" and suggests the state's nickname, the buckeye state. The proportional dimensions of the flag and of its various parts shall be according to the official design on file in the office of the secretary of state.

The flag of Ohio is sometimes referred to as 'the Ohio Burgee'. The flag's ratio is 8:13.

The flag of Ohio flying at Sawyer Point in Cincinnati, United States of America

The flag of Ohio flying at Sawyer Point in Cincinnati, United States of America

Ohio flag 150x90cm
Dimensions for flag 1500x900mm
Ohio 150x90cm polyester flag with double stitched hems, the hoist edge has two eyelets.
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