Lord Kitchener Wants You

Lord Kitchener Wants You flag

This Lord Kitchener Wants You Flag recalls the iconic image of Lord Kitchener, the British Secretary of State for War at the commencement of the First World War in 1914, used during a campaign to recruit soldiers to the British Army. Lord Kitchener is seen pointing his finger towards the viewer. Above Lord Kitchener is the word 'Britons', below Lord Kitchener are the words 'Wants You' and the slogan alongside the bottom of the flag is 'Join Your Country's Army! God Save The King'. The flag is vertical in orientation.

Lord Kitchener Wants You flag 150x90cm
Dimensions for flag 1500x900mm
Lord Kitchener Wants You 150x90cm polyester flag with double stitched hems, the hoist edge has two eyelets.
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