Flag Bazaar: About Email Address

In short, here it is
email address for those without email client

Email addresses will not be shown in the format somebody@companyxyz.com.zz on professionally built web sites because it is possible to create a program that will crawl web pages picking out the web addresses. Millions of web addresses can be collected very quickly and then used to send emails promoting unbelievable bargains (spam). On our contact page the email address is displayed as a link. If you have an email client installed on your computer such as Outlook or Live Mail and you click the link, the email client will automatically start and the email address will be automatically inserted into the "To:" textbox. If you do not have an email client installed, the email address can still be viewed.

The following instructions work for the latest versions of the major browsers.

Move the cursor over the text "email to: Flag Bazaar Manager" (on contact page) and look at the bottom left corner of the web browser, the email address should be revealed. Do not include the mailto: prefix when copying the address.

If you are a power user (you use the right button on your mouse) move the cursor over the text "email to: Flag Bazaar Manager" (on contact page) and right click the mouse, from the options select "Copy email address" (or similar wording). The email address is now in the clipboard for pasting into any textbox or email service.