Azores flag

The flag of the Azores is a bicolour featuring the colour blue on the hoist side of the flag and the colour white on the fly side of the flag (the white section of the flag is larger than the blue section of the flag). Positioned across the blue and white sections of the flag are nine five-pointed yellow stars (each representing one of the islands of the Azores) arranged in an arch over a yellow goshawk. In the flag's canton is the Portuguese Shield.

The flag's ratio is 2:3.

Azores flag 150x90cm
Dimensions for flag 1500x900mm
Azores 150x90cm polyester flag with double stitched hems, the hoist edge has two eyelets.
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Products specifications
Country CapitalPonta Delgada (executive), Angra do Heroísmo (judicial), Horta (legislative)