Assyria flag

The Assyrian flag is a flag that represents the Assyrian nation, both in the homeland and in the diaspora. The flag was designed by George Bit Atanus in 1968 and was adopted in 1971 by the Assyrian Universal Alliance, the Assyrian National Federation and the Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party. The Assyrian flag comprises a white background with a gold circle at its centre, surrounded by a blue four pointed star. The centre of the flag is connected to the corners of the flag by four triple coloured (red, white and blue) widening, wavy stripes. At the top of the flag in red sits the pre-Christian Assyrian God known as Assur.

Assyria flag 150x90cm
Dimensions for flag 1500x900mm
Assyria 150x90cm polyester flag with double stitched hems, the hoist edge has two eyelets.
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