Instructions for the Flag Bazaar Online Shopping Cart.

Step One: Select the Flags.

Finding the flag you want can be achieved several ways:

  • Use the Categories listing in the Flag Bazaar Masthead
  • Use the Search text box, found in the top right hand corner of most pages. When using the search facility, enter only the most important word.

When you have found the required flag check the details such as size, pack quantity and price, then click the button

Button Add to cart, adds item to cart and updates cart summary

A revolving animation will appear in th middle of the page as the cart is updated. The cart summary in the top right hand corner will show the current number of items and total cost of the cart.

From top right corner of page, the cart summay and checkout link

Continue adding required items to the cart.

Step Two: Checkout.

Finished shopping? OK, its now time to head for the checkout.
Click on the checkout link in the cart summary (top right corner of all flag pages).
The Cart Contents page will load.

Flag Bazaar Contents Page has a listing of all the selected items and table of tolals and other charges

The first thing to do here is enter the delivery details. This enables the cart to automatically calculate the delivery charge, normally this is calculated on the total weight of the selected items.
On the Cart Contents page you can alter the quantity of any of the items selected. If you no longer want a particular item, set its quantity to zero.
All done, now click the button

button Continue Billing and shipping details

The client Details page will load.

Flag Bazaar Client Details Page, where client is to enter their billing ans shipping details. A comment can also be included.

Fill in the text boxes with your details. If your shipping details are different from the billing details then check the relevant checkbox, The screen will refresh with another group of text boxes for the shipping address details.
Now click the button

Flag Bazaar shopping cart button - Continue

The Order Review and Payment page will load.

Flag Bazaar Order Review and Payment Page, has a summary of the client's addresses and order items. This page is protected by ssl security and the credit card details can be entered.

Check through the details, especially the shipping address label.This is formatted exactly like the shipping labels we attach to your order.
Check the Grand Total, this is what we will charge your credit card, if that payment option is selected.
Select your payment option and fill in the text boxes as required.
Now click the button

Flag Bazaar shopping cart button - Continue

The Order Completed and Order ID page will load.

Flag Bazaar shopping cart - Order Completed and Order ID page

Note the Order ID reference number, please quote this number with any queries you might have. An email will be automatically generated and sent to the email address supplied in the billing information, please review this email to confirm that all your details and order is correct. That's it, your order will arrive in the post. The delivery time depends on your location and the mailing option chosen.
View a schedule of Australia Post Delivery times.
This Shopping Cart is simple to use and does all the calculations automatically. We prefer you to place your orders online as it makes the processing of your order at our end quicker and easier, because the invoicing, credit card processing and packing labels are automatically generated from the data you enter.
If however, you prefer to use the old fashioned paper order form or the Shopping Cart does not function on your web browser, click on the following link, print out the order form, get the relevant details from the Flag Bazaar web pages, enter your delivery details and post to us at the address shown on form. Paper Order Form