No. We only sell flags through our website and use Australia Post for delivery.

Express Post selected

Normally 2 working days.

Surface Post selected

If you are buying only one or two flags we post these as large envelopes, which travel by air across states, so you will normally receive your order in 2 to 4 working days.
if you are buying more than two flags these will travel by road and you need to allow 7 working days for delivery. We recommend when buying more than two flags to select express post as the price difference is minimal.

No, we will not answer questions or conduct business over the telephone. If you have a question please email us, but not before you have read through the F.A.Q. (this page).

We really appreciate a question that has not been asked before, because we will then incorporate the answer into our website, thereby improving the content for all our future customers. We do understand that some people need the friendly voice of a salesperson on the telephone to help them through their purchase, we cannot provide this service. There are over fifty flag companies throughout Australia, most of them traditional bricks and mortar stores who spend thousands of dollars annually advertising their telephone number, they will gladly accept your call.

Polyester material. All the edges are hemmed with dual stitching, the hoist edge is finished with a white tape with 2 eyelets.
NOTE! These flags are lightweight flags and have a variety of uses:

  • sporting team support
  • decorations
  • marches
  • occasional flying on a flagpoles

People's Republic of China.

Detailed instructions, including screen shots can be found here.

This website can be used by customers from about 20 different countries. At the first stage of checkout titled 'Cart Contents' there is a drop down list for customers to select their destination country. This is done so that customers can see what their total charges are prior to continuing with the checkout process. It is assumed at this stage that the 'Bill To' and 'Ship To' countries are the same and if the country specified is not Australia then the cart will also remove any G.S.T. (Goods and Services Tax) that have been applied. At the next stage of the checkout, titled 'Client Details' if the customer changes the 'Bill To' country back to Australia then G.S.T. will be applied to the order. Of course, orders with a 'Bill to' country other than Australia will not have G.S.T. applied.

Many flag designs are subject to copyright and are only sold through the organizations that hold the copyright.

Some of the flags that are copyright protected are:

  • Aboriginal flag
  • Sporting clubs, espeacilly those affiliated with the AFL and NRL
  • Motor vehicle manufacturers: Holden Ford etc.
  • Olympic flag (5 coloured rings)

One large flag delivered anywhere in Australia will cost approximately $4.60 by Ordinary Post.
To get a quote on delivery charges, add the desired items to the shopping cart then click the checkout link, select the type of postage required and click the 'Recalculate Delivery' button, the updated cost will be displayed in the totals table.
Delivery Charges are automatically calculated depending on the total weight and volume of your order. Delivery is through Australia Post and the delivery charges are calculated according to the rates shown in the 'Post Charges' booklet published by Australia Post. A small fee is also added to cover the costs of envelopes, insurance and the completion of statutory forms. The delivery charges that will be charged to your order can always be viewed by clicking on the shopping cart link. Australian destinations have a choice of Ordinary Post or Express Post. For International Destinations  Airmail is always used.
Delivery is made during business hours, a specified delivery time cannot be arranged.
Post Office Box addresses are acceptable.

No, but we have made it easy for you to generate your own quotation. Just find the flags required, add them to the shopping cart and then go to the checkout. Enter your postcode in the box titled "Delivery Charges & Delivery Date" so that the postage can be calculated. Now click the button "Generate Printable Quotation" (as indicated in diagram below) and a PDF will be generated.
Because this shopping cart uses web storage, the items you have selected will remain in your cart until you decide to buy, just remeber to use the same web browser.
Red highloght line showing the location of the Generate Printable Quotation button on the checkout page step-1-of-3.