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Flag of Bolivia

Flag Bolivia

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Flag Bolivia 1500x900mm

Price: $23.10

Product ID: boliv/l

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Flag Bolivia 900x600mm

Price: $17.09

Product ID: boliv/m

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Hand-waver Bolivia 450x300mm

Price: $13.00

Product ID: boliv/hw

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Handwaver Child

Handwaver Child Bolivia 225x150mm

Price: $7.99

Product ID: boliv/hc

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Desk Flag

Desk Flag Bolivia 150x100mm

Price: $7.99

Product ID: boliv/df

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String 30

String 30 Bolivia 230x150mm
String 30 Bolivia 230x150mm
String 30 Bolivia 230x150mm
String 30 Bolivia 230x150mm
String 30 Bolivia 230x150mm
String 30 Bolivia 230x150mm

Price: $70.10

Product ID: boliv/sf30

Icon for Decal


Decal Bolivia 124x82mm

Price: $3.00

Product ID: boliv/d1

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Badge Bolivia 90x60mm

Price: $6.10

Product ID: boliv/p1

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Flag Information and Facts


Bolivia, named after independence fighter Simon BOLIVAR, broke away from Spanish rule in 1825; much of its subsequent history has consisted of a series of nearly 200 coups and countercoups. Democratic civilian rule was established in 1982, but leaders have faced difficult problems of deep-seated poverty, social unrest, and illegal drug production. In December 2005, Bolivians elected Movement Toward Socialism leader Evo MORALES president - by the widest margin of any leader since the restoration of civilian rule in 1982 - after he ran on a promise to change the country's traditional political class and empower the nation's poor, indigenous majority. However, since taking office, his controversial strategies have exacerbated racial and economic tensions between the Amerindian populations of the Andean west and the non-indigenous communities of the eastern lowlands. In December 2009, President MORALES easily won reelection, and his party took control of the legislative branch of the government, which will allow him to continue his process of change.