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Handy Hint: Organizing an event with flags

Here are some tips:

On receiving flags:

  • Count the flags, and check the count correlates to the packing slip flag count.
  • Check each label on the flag packaging shows design and size as ordered.
  • Open each flag and inspect flag for size, manufacturing faults (especially the two eyelets on hoist edge).

If some of the flag designs are not easily recognizable, write the name of the flag at the base of the hoist edge and maybe even write 'Bottom'. A good example of this is the 'United Kingdom' flag which can easily be flown upside down by the inexperienced flag bearer.

The flags are tightly packaged in plastic bags and when opened will have creases. For an important event, iron the flags. The flags are made from polyester, so set the iron temperature appropriately. One method to store and transport ironed flags, is to lie them on top of each other after ironing and then roll them onto a cardboard/PVC tube. A quick way to make a tube is to roll up an opened broadsheet newspaper and cover with glad-wrap (to stop inks stains).